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your day is ending fast and your life is ending faster - Literati Hotties

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July 25th, 2003

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10:13 am - your day is ending fast and your life is ending faster
"mr. witless"

mr. witless
we came to give you crowd protection
under the good will
of those unseated

mr. witless
we got to get you away from
the society ones, Now!
mr. witless
the pentagram you were is a gram above a share

mt. witless
got you by a short curly hair trigger
and i figure
that the eights will feel like weights

missus witless
god's got the door
and he's hiding behind your tongue
when you're ready
to leash the pigs from the sky

mother witless
wasn't breast fed now all her kids
are tit-less
we were raised to drink radiation
from a can of carbonation

father witless
mr. your son
got honorable mention
and how we witness
for our own seclusion

mr. witless got the black hand
mr. witless got the sealed plan
you can't see it
but you wouldn't need to

mr. witless
all of our lives are in (parentheses)
and now the fan hits
works like it did before the caveman

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