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July 11th, 2003

06:06 pm
Hell-o. This seems like a tough crowd, but I thought I'd try my creative edge here. ; ) I haven't really been writing poetry that long, but I believe it's one of those things that will improve with practice (if you aren't just naturally talented with it, that is). I hope I do not disappoint. =)

Blood TeaCollapse )
I'm not sure what inspired this...maybe just the thrill of taking something seemingly innocent (like, say, a tea party) and twisting it up so it's almost sick.

Paper-thin Boy & Cemetary DarlingCollapse )
I wrote this about my boy-love and I from a third-person point of view. =)

Oh, and I suppose you'll be wanting a picture...Collapse )
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Current Music: "Dear Prudence" - Siouxsie & the Banshees

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05:39 pm - beware: more "teen angst"
short storyCollapse )
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Current Music: dirty vegas - days go by

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July 9th, 2003

12:12 pm
Is koheleth dead?

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July 7th, 2003

06:34 pm
Hi. James here. After losing all interest in writing after taking an especially atrocious Creative Writing course, I've slowly (read: about 10 years...) been getting back into the swing of things. I don't really have any pictures online which don't make me look brooding and/or pretentious, so I don't think I'll post any.

Entry 1Collapse )

Entry 2: AbrahamCollapse )

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09:44 am - submission
"coffin birth"

there was the first coffin birth
i supervised it myself
see that little boy in the picture
he's still that same little boy

only got imaginary friends
all my real friends in the world are dead

not quite like a caesarian
coffin birth
upon the shore
better get the bigger fish

waste my breath with one last wish
if my gal leaves
then who is left to put up with

that little boy you see in the picture
is screaming out
for more salt water

kick me where it hurts
it's still going to make
an unequal

i cannot give up the dream
in coffin birth

then my gal leaves

i wish i could rely on forensics
but my heart tells me
that she's unhappy

"crawford arsonist"

initially claimed
a fax however said

fully committed
but to what length
if that's so
do we have fitting straightjackets

cease fire & iniate

the immigrant workers
east their own

the olympics on day
will include
sprinting on broken glass

dodging bullets
and random explosions
and saving republicans
from burning buildings

without a leg a soul grows stronger

and the record is skipping the tune
much longer

a 3rd party
will not resume the party

it's just talk talk talk
talk talk talk
for today

condemn condemn
and denounce
from a comfortable couch
in a more

we hope
will pay the bounty
for an arsonist

it's just talk talk
talk talk talk

it's not that hard
to be an arsonist
Current Mood: lethargiclethargic
Current Music: q lazzarus "goodbye horses"

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July 4th, 2003

12:45 pm
All right, I'll bite. I have no pictures of me on the internet, being that type that likes to hide reality me from the eyes of creepy internet people. A bit about myself, then, I guess is in order. I find the premise for this group singularly amusing, and though I don't usually go in for the whole "we're going to tell you if you're good or bad," thing but I came across this while perusing the community_promo page and thought I'd join. I write sometimes. What people see most is my poetry, which is mediocre but probably better than some. No one ever sees my short stories because they either blow up or I don't manage to finish them.
Your brutal honesty is most welcome (I'm guessing I didn't have to say that ...), so I present for your entertainment and subsequent bashing a pair of poems. The first is kind of long, being a set of five Elizabethan sonnets stuck together to tell a sad story about pop culture and the crappy music scene.Collapse )

The second is another attempt at humor, significantly shorter than the first and about that much-loved instrument, the glockenspiel. Note that it is also ungodly stupid and rhymes words with themselves several times over and is meant to be that wayCollapse )

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03:11 am - oh looky over here... hmmm very interesting...
your honor we have exhibit a, which proves that the defendant should never write prose again...Collapse )

yes i know i tweaked it. I changed the lj cut OHHHHH and fixed one typo and a tense shift AHHHHHHHH. if you hate it, excellent. you'll be hearing from me again in a week. ;)
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished

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02:51 am - figured it was worth a shot
i'm mainly doing this because i feel it's always good to get criticism from others so that you can learn to write better.

Poem #1Collapse )

Poem #2Collapse )

a picture of meCollapse )

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12:29 am
This is my pre-poem rap:

Yo I'm a fuckin mod and I'm here to say
I'll rip you a new asshole if you use clichés
My words and rhymes always get respect
All da hot ladies show me yo breasts
...and I'll let you in the community.

Muhfuckin haikus in ya earCollapse )

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July 3rd, 2003

06:53 pm - Community News
Well, we've got some good submissions, our community is growing. How nice. Some basic stuff:

Competition One

By July 10th, post a piece (any style) with the following theme: Historical Figures.

The best entries will become moderators, the worst entry will be banned from the community.

New Members

The following users may consider themselves approved and pseudo-stamped, giving them the right to vote:



We need stamps and a design. If anyone has talent, you might want to post below.

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